Welcome to Linemark Communications

LineMark capabilities
  LineMark is a business-to-business marketing firm with one focus - to find the best way to present your story so that
it's remembered.  We supply a fresh approach, a clear explanation of a complex technical subject, or a single memorable message distilled from a mass of information.  LineMark is also versatile - - we've (quite successfully) completed more "oddball" (cross-disciplinary) projects than most agencies have rejected.

We are straightforward, fun, and have a solid base of mechanical and technical knowledge as well as good business practices.  We enjoy a large amount of return business, so we like to think we're doing something right. We simply ask that you give us an opportunity to show
you what we can do for you.

From bannerstands or tabletop displays to custom international trade show exhibits, LineMark can produce and manage almost any exhibiting project.
We've started with a single sentence or sometimes a scribble on a notepad.  Here
are a few examples.